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Provide documentation on setting up ElasticSearch
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It seems that Phabricator supports using ElasticSearch as a search provider. There is, however, no documentation on how to set this up.

NOTE: We do not support Elasticsearch 2.0. Use it at your own risk. See T9893.

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Until proper documentation gets written, the very short version is:

  • start an ElasticSearch instance somewhere;
  • configure to point at it;
  • run bin/search index --all --background to rebuild the index.

@epriestley , so is their a way to provide special configurartion ? Can you give me some basic hints ?

I set this up recently and can probably flesh out some documentation.

If there aren't docs yet, anyone willing to speak quickly on what elasticsearch integration entails?

Note there will finally be a little bit of documentation once this install rebuilds diviner docs: The url should be (eventually)

I'm just going to close this in favor of T12450.