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Support JUnit as an output format for unit test results
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It would be great if arc unit provided support for JUnit XML as an output format (i.e. arc unit --format junit). Arcanist does a great job at providing a consistent wrapper for various unit test engines. Providing a standard output format for unit tests results (such as JUnit XML) would make it easier for me to integrate with Jenkins.

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This would be great, agreed. As someone new to phabricator but a java person, I'm loving the apps, features and look the one problem is lack of compatability with the typical java stack (no real jenkins integration and no junit integration by default for example).
I wouldn't find this a problem if it was easy enough to figure out how to integrate these myself however unfortunately it's not and if the effort involved in figuring it out (or not) proves too great it's quite a barrier to adoption.

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This will be fully modularized in T13098 if it isn't already. I don't expect us to upstream a JUnit formatter, per T10038.