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Allow passing a "project(s)" URL parameter to "Create Task" form
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Bugzilla allows passing product/components/keywords URL parameters (like ) to make user reporters automatically set the correct project when creating a task.

These URLs with parameters are put on feedback wikipages and other prominent places to tell people where to file technical issues.

Being able to have the project field pre-filled decreases work for triagers and developers as they often wouldn't have to manually add the correct project(s) to newly created tickets.

T3320 already implemented numerous parameters; unfortunately not a "project(s)" one. T1906 (finding a list of available projects) is also related here.

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This does technically work but is pretty rough:

Let me smooth the edges a bit.

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Here's a new, more reasonable working example on the new code:,herald

(After T4021, you'll be able to select alternate short names for projects and the UI will make it easier to discover and select them, but for now they're generally Example Project -> example_project.)