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Improve prefilling for "Create Task" form
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Maniphest should allow you to reasonably prefill the "create" form with GET parameters. Some fields already work but others don't. In particular:

  • All fields should support this.
  • Fields with tokenizer values should accept readable values rather than PHIDs ("assigned=epriestley", not "assigned=PHID-XXXX-YYYY").
  • Custom fields should have a hook for reading values from GET.
  • There should be documentation about this, and possibly some sort of automatic UI integration (e.g., a view where you see what parameter to use for each field).

The "?template=x" parameter can also be used to do most of this, and might be a better starting point.

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You should be able to get everything now with these parameters:

Field NameURI ParameterFormatExample
TitletitleAny URL encoded text stringStack%20Trace
DescriptiondescriptionAny URL encoded text stringAn%20error...
Assigned ToassignPhabricator Usernameepriestley
(Other Fields)templateTask ID to use as template123

After T4777:

Field NameURI ParameterFormatExample
ProjectsprojectsComma-separated namesmaniphest,herald

I'm going to merge this into T9132, which will provide abstract prefilling of all fields in all forms.

Is it known/expected that if a project has a "/" in the name (like "team/oncall") then the prefilling does not work?

@jshirley, the project detail page should have a "Hashtags" field which lists the tags that will work. "/" should never be part of a hashtag. The value that will work is probably something like "team_oncall" by default, but you can customize that by adding or changing the hashtag.

(T7341 and T7305 discuss a couple of issues here but they're particular to colons and spaces, respectively.)

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