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Offer header background color picker to stock Phabricator installs
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A few people have mentioned they'd like to more easily identify Phabricator instances since they deal with multiple. While heavy skinning, etc, would be too much work to maintain, perhaps we can ship with 6-8 header colors similar to project colors. Opening a task to gauge interest.

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@chad thanks for picking this up, defining this the way you describe its exactly what we are looking for, reusing the Project Color and maybe icon choose would meet the requirement completely. full skinning would be overkill by now.

A header color and replacement top left logo are all we're really looking for.

maybe the "eye" of the logo could default to the "eye" and overwritten by the choices we have in the project chooser, but this up to you and you and your product marketing head ;-)

+1 evaluating Phabricator for a project and customizing header plus limited skinning would be a huge plus/

+1-ing this as well, dealing with 3 installs here and I often look for things on the wrong one.

I went with Applebloom on my dev box. :D

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