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audit updates don't trigger notifications
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My typical Phabricator workflow is based around notifications. I turned off all Phab emails at the Email Preferences page (phabricator.corp.[mycompany].com/settings/panel/emailpreferences/), and throughout the day I check for notifications to act on.

I created an audit the other day on my local Phab instance and another engineer commented on it earlier today. I noticed the comment because it triggered an email with the subject"[Diffusion] [Commented On] rCALLSIGNabc123def456: Awesome Commit Title". Meanwhile, there was no notification.

An audit comment seems just as important as a diff comment so that surprised me. Are there plans to add notifications for audit updates? My feeling is that there should be a 1:1 mapping between all email types and notification types, but even if not, there should at least be notifications for audit updates.

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Related task: T3955 is also about audit updates. This task is meant to turn on internal notifications, and that one is meant to turn off external emails.

(T4896 will naturally resolve this.)

Is this naturally resolved then? =D

I believe so, yes. We'll publish a normal feed story at discovery time and it should activate notifications properly, now. I'll push and we can verify on a live install. T2497 will let users ignore or adjust these notifications.