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Implement a `bin/worker kill <criteria>` for batch-flushing tasks from the queue
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Use cases:

$ ./bin/worker kill --class X # Kill all queued tasks of class X
$ ./bin/worker kill --unknown # Kill all queued tasks with unknown classes.
$ ./bin/worker kill --failures 8 # Kill all queued tasks with 8 or more failures.

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The recent updates to the daemons seem to have bought us a lot of headroom here.

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Via FB.

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We have flood, free, cancel and retry workflows now; the exec (run a task by ID in the foreground) and kill (bulk-cancel tasks by query-like selection) workflows described in the original description would probably be the most useful additions at this point. kill might not be a very good name, the desired behavior is more like cancel-all-tasks-matching [conditions].

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Use cases seem to be fairly well covered now.