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Allow ignore whitespace in Audit/Diffusion diffs
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Jul 8 2013, 3:58 AM
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F237194: Phabricator_AuditWhitespaceControl.png
Nov 22 2014, 9:28 AM
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Differential has options to ignore whitespace in the diff.
Audit/Diffusion doesn't have this option.

It would be great if Diffusion would have the option to ignore whitespace changes if required (either by a dropdown on the commit page like Differential) or even a site wide config.

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epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

Ah, thanks! I forgot we had this one already.

Old task (1+ year old). Maybe this can be implemented in visible future (e.g. before end of the year)?

See T4778 for discussion of how we prioritize.

I've added whitespace control for audits. It looks like this.

Phabricator_AuditWhitespaceControl.png (603×1 px, 134 KB)

@epriestley, should I send a diff for review?

This would be really nice to see, as we do post-commit code review with Audit and we semi-frequently encounter commits that have near-100% changes due to white space as someone hits an auto-formatter or changes svn:eol-style to match convention and doesn't split this out into separate commits.

I have to drop down into another diff tool for these cases... which works but is inconvenient.

chad changed the visibility from "All Users" to "Public (No Login Required)".Mar 24 2016, 7:19 PM

Is there any chance this will ever get implemented? The lack of this feature makes our lives a lot harder, and it's a highly ubiquitous feature (GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket, Gerrit, etc. all have it). We're trying to modernize a very old codebase, and any time anybody auto-formats a file to match our standard, Phabricator's diffs become completely useless. This wouldn't be a problem if we were using any other tool.

Yes, this will be implemented.

See Planning for guidance on timelines and priorities.