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Allow ignore whitespace in Audit/Diffusion diffs
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Jul 8 2013, 3:58 AM
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Differential has options to ignore whitespace in the diff.
Audit/Diffusion doesn't have this option.

It would be great if Diffusion would have the option to ignore whitespace changes if required (either by a dropdown on the commit page like Differential) or even a site wide config.

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◀ Merged tasks: T970.

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Ah, thanks! I forgot we had this one already.

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Old task (1+ year old). Maybe this can be implemented in visible future (e.g. before end of the year)?

See T4778 for discussion of how we prioritize.

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I've added whitespace control for audits. It looks like this.

@epriestley, should I send a diff for review?

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This would be really nice to see, as we do post-commit code review with Audit and we semi-frequently encounter commits that have near-100% changes due to white space as someone hits an auto-formatter or changes svn:eol-style to match convention and doesn't split this out into separate commits.

I have to drop down into another diff tool for these cases... which works but is inconvenient.

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Is there any chance this will ever get implemented? The lack of this feature makes our lives a lot harder, and it's a highly ubiquitous feature (GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket, Gerrit, etc. all have it). We're trying to modernize a very old codebase, and any time anybody auto-formats a file to match our standard, Phabricator's diffs become completely useless. This wouldn't be a problem if we were using any other tool.

Yes, this will be implemented.

See Planning for guidance on timelines and priorities.

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