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Add footnote syntax to Remarkup
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It would be nice to have syntax for leaving footnotes at the bottom of long comments. There are other markups that allow for this, and it seems like a reasonable feature.¹ Kind of like this one, but without the hacks.


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See some discussion in T2849.

The syntax for this in markdown is [x][y], but it's a "reference-style link", not a real footnote.

The syntax for this in reStructuredText is [n]_ with ..[n] for the note body, but this seems crazy.

The syntax for this in Textile is [n] with fnn. for the note body.

I'm very hesitant to use [x] for this because it occurs frequently in discussion of source code.

We could do something like {ref 1} inline and then {ref 1} starting a block for the body, e.g.:

I saw a funny picture of a cat {ref 1}.

{ref 1} he is so funny he he :)
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The Markdown syntax for actual footnotes (from Markdown extra) is:

That's some text with a footnote.[^1]

[^1]: And that's the footnote.

Where the "1" can be any identifier (and is used in the auto-generated anchor links).

How's that?

The (small) advantage I see is that it's closer to the original suggestion, which is in turn closer to how it appears in plain-text emails.

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