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Implement an "ASIDE" or "MEMO" Remarkup element for de-emphasis
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The current NOTE, WARNING and IMPORTANT blocks are nice for calling out more-important text, but an ASIDE or MEMO or similar block for de-emphasizing less important text could be useful, too.

Seems like a missing piece of formatting: I can't find a way to make very small (or very large outside of headers) text.

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Do you have some examples of things you'd like to use this for?

(See T3001, maybe, for one possible related discussion.)

I'd prefer to not support this. Would like to know real use cases instead, maybe just have lighter text or other means. But generally prefer to keep accessibility issues to a minimum.

Yeah, I think changing text size inline often tends to look pretty bad since line heights get all messed up, too.

I could maybe imagine a NOTE-like block used for de-emphasis, like ASIDE, that would render muted/grey text instead of colorful/bright text if the goal is to reduce focus on less-important text. I think NOTE-blocks currently generally are a good element for drawing focus to important text now, and do a better job than larger font sizes would.

But maybe there are some good use cases for this that I'm just not thinking of.

I wanted to use it for de-emphasis (like you're aside) and for inside of tables for various things. I was also trying to use it for a small "edit this panel" link like the other task but the href on the button is cooler.

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I don't particularly love ASIDE as the trigger, maybe MEMO is a little better? But it doesn't really capture the intent particularly well, I think.

I don't want to use FOOTNOTE because we may have real footnotes someday.

The sort of legal use of SIDEBAR would be OK, but the publishing use of an actual bar on the side is misleading (we'd just render muted/grey text, not actually move the text).

We could go more literal with QUIET or WHISPER.

Or sort of misuse the word SUBTEXT, or go with a jargon-ish FWIW.

One issue we'll run into eventually is that these rules are going to be kind of involved to internationalize, unless they're just NOTE in every language and you have to learn the English word. But adding more of them doesn't really make that more complicated, and even if we pick something in English that is completely untranslatable literally (say, FWIW), the translations could choose some reasonable localization like ASIDEO, since there's no need for the, say, English and Spanish versions of the rule to be directly analogous.