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Deprecate "PhutilExecPassthru->execute()" in favor of "PhutilExecPassthru->resolve()"
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Currently, PhutilExecPassthru exposes both resolve() and execute(). They largely do the same thing and have the same return value and error semantics, but calling execute() directly skips a bunch of "Future" behavior, including integration with "ServiceProfiler". In particular, passthru commands that are invoked with execute() do not appear in --trace output.

I believe this is leftover legacy behavior from the time when PhutilExecPassthru was not a Future.

I plan to:

  • Make all existing callsites invoke resolve(), not execute().
  • Rename execute() and make it private.
  • Leave execute() as a public API with a deprecation warning to avoid breaking any existing code too abruptly. The class was explicitly documented as exposing an execute() API so I don't want to pull the rug out from any callers in the wild. This can be removed after some time.