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Strip markup from project descriptions displayed in the "Browse Projects" dialog
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a project description which includes markup in its first sentence, such as links in the format [text](https:/foo) or [[ https:/foo | text ]], or markup such as **bold text**.
  2. Go to a random task.
  3. Click "Edit task".
  4. In the "Tags" field, click the Magnifier button .
  5. Type ahead the name of the project.

Expected behavior:

  • Project descriptions that a human eye and brain can easily parse

Actual behavior:

  • Raw markup which makes things harder to read, plus limits the displayed information

Example screenshots from Wikimedia Phabricator:

p.jpg (514×1 px, 91 KB)

Further information:

Downstream version information:

phabricator	16188b81fa84	May 21 2020	
arcanist	59e78843b4ba	Apr 16 2020	
phutil	b6f4e8e0f995	Feb 11 2020