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Upgrading: Mid 2020 Changes to "arc diff"
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For details, see T13544.

These flags have been removed or changed their syntax:

Old FlagReplacementNotes
--adviceRemovedExcuses have been removed. See "Excuses" below.
--amend-allPromptsSee "Prompts" below.
--amend-autofixesRemovedRemoved without direct replacement; autofix is likely to be simplified away in future changes.
--apply-patchesPromptsSee "Prompts", below.
--encodingRemovedConfigurable in repositories, but obscure and obsoleted by upcoming changes.
--excuseRemovedExcuses have been removed. See "Excuses" below.
--ignore-unsound-testsPromptsSee "Prompts" below.
--less-contextRemovedObscure and obsoleted by future changes. Sometimes, --raw can accomplish the same goal.
--lintallarc lint --lintallThis never impacted the diff workflow in a meaningful way. See "Lint Passthru Options" below.
--never-apply-patchesPromptsSee "Prompts" below.
--no-amendPromptsSee "Prompts" below.
--only-newRemovedThis goal is better accomplished by adjusting message severity. See "Lint Passthru Options" below.
--raw--raw ---raw and --raw-command have been merged into --raw <path>. Use --raw - to read stdin.
--raw-command--raw ...See --raw.
--use-commit-message / -CRemovedAncient flag from 2012, no modern use cases are known.



Lint Passthru Options