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Update various user account CLI tools
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Currently, there are several CLI tools:

  • bin/accountadmin
  • bin/people
  • scripts/user/add_user.php

These are all fairly weird/un-modern. I'd probably like to replace them with a single bin/user which works like this:

./bin/user create --user <username> --email <email>
./bin/user enable --user <username>
./bin/user empower --user <username> # Or "make-administrator".

The goal here is basically just to provide CLI recovery/bootstrapping tools if you really jinx your install with a series of account management mistakes. These three modes let you put some account into a valid state, and you can then bin/auth recover into it and continue from the web UI.

The commands being replaced have other capabilities:

  • Editing a real name.
  • Setting or removing the "bot" flag.
  • Verifying the primary email address.
  • Un-administrating users.
  • Filling the user profile image cache with default images.

Address verification can be done with bin/auth verify. The other functions don't seem particularly useful, and particularly aren't necessary to "break into" an install that you've locked yourself out of by disabling the only administrator account or whatever.

These changes should be coupled with a "How to fix things if you lock your keys inside your install" document, and existing references to bin/accountadmin and the other tools should be removed.

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epriestley triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 20 2019, 2:08 PM
epriestley created this task.

(You can automate at least some administrative actions at an "omnipotent" power level with bin/conduit call --method user.edit nowadays, too, although accountadmin operated with interactive prompts so it's unlikely anyone automated on top of it.)

You can automate at least some administrative actions...

This is somewhat untrue because *.edit calls tend to choke (there's no valid authorPHID for transactions), but could be made true in the future if interest arises.

./bin/user create

I'm not sure we actually need this. The current add_user.php script isn't documented anywhere and bin/accountadmin is only interactive.

I'm just going to get rid of them and see if I can get away with it.