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The feed query '2HfUlTnoqZbw' causes an exception in PhabricatorSearchCheckboxesField
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Easily reproducible, not so easily explainable:


  • Argument 1 passed to array_fuse() must be of the type array, boolean given, called in /core/lib/phabricator/src/applications/search/field/PhabricatorSearchCheckboxesField.php on line 26 and defined

Reproducible URL:

I've attempted to work out what combination of form settings results in this query hash, unfortunately without success. I can't seem to reproduce it with the form, however, this seems like like a valid bug with an easy fix. I'll submit a diff.

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This came from D18028, when I changed the Include stories about projects I am a member of. checkbox to be a CheckboxesField. I think the issue is that existing saved queries may have the old value for the field stored (true), instead of the new value (array('self')). These queries would be impossible to construct in the UI now.

A way to reproduce this is to change the hard-coded array('self') in buildSavedQueryFromBuiltin() to true, then view the default "Tags" query.

However, that has run me into T12855, which ran me into T12124, which probably should get fixed Soon.

(I think D18132 should fix this once someone gets a chance to look at it.)