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Add support for creating workboard columns from the Conduit API
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The project.edit API seems incomplete - there's no support for creating workboard columns.

My use case is the following: as part of our new team member onboarding process, we have a script that creates a new project and fills it with onboarding task to complete by the new hire. The number of tasks has grown quite a bit and has become a bit overwhelming.

To solve that problem, I wanted to create a workboard, with columns such as "Tasks to complete asap", "Tasks to complete in the first week", "second week", etc. I'd like the script to create the project, create the columns, and then create the tasks in the right columns. Conduit does support moving tasks around in different columns, but not creating columns.

I could be wrong but I didn't find any tasks regarding this feature request.

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Just discovered I could use the Milestones feature to do that. Will try this out.

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I think this use case is a reasonable one.

I think workboards are likely to get a separate workboard.* API eventually, not a project.edit-based API. This is currently a little muddy because of tasks like T5793 -- if workboards can be attached to individual users in the future, it certainly doesn't make sense to have a project-centric API.

I don't currently expect to build T5793 as described and expect we'll just end up with workboard.column.edit or similar eventually, but that's why this API doesn't currently exist. T5214 and T12074 have some additional discussion.

We do something similar ourselves for technical interviews, but I just related all the tasks by embedding them in the description of a central task:

(The publishing script rewrites all the {T1} references to use the right task ID, although it relies on title-based search. See also T12799.)

Milestones works great for this, but you still have to manually create the workboard (just going into workboard and clicking create - milestones show up).

Btw another potential solution for my use case could be Project templates (T7190).