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Newly created Phriction document doesn't appear in hierarchy
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We have a problem on our installation where documents that have just been created don't appear in the document hierarchy.
Looking at the phriction_document table shows that their status is 2 instead of 0.
This is a huge problem for us and we are not sure what to do. Also, I'm not sure what details to give to pinpoint the issue...
Do you have any clue what could be happening?

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I have been updating the DB manually to set status back to 0 as a workaround for now. But you could probably see how this affects our workflow!

How could we make it more clear that we require version information for bug reports? Here's how we currently communicate this, but it seems like it didn't work well in this case. Is there a way we could improve this or make it more clear?

version.png (1×1 px, 95 KB)

Sorry, it completely slipped my mind!

phabricatorf3a6ce37904404438264f7709c1bfacb6be04e60 (Fri, May 19)(branched from 7e46d7ab6a6be474b7dd90f9e71ee3bd6ae66fbc on origin)
arcanist20ad47f2733135603d57b57be3e13422397e8071 (Sat, May 6)(branched from 3c4735795a2963c5ddff6dceaf60122d01ca3dc0 on origin)
phutild02cc05931b02c684d4c729510090591ca45f951 (Sat, Apr 29)(branched from a900d7b63e954e221efe140f0f33d3d701524aae on origin)

And by doing that, I realize that I have been keeping up with master instead of stable like an (oh, there's no donkey emoji, too bad...).
So it's fixed... Sorry!

No this is good, master gets promoted weekly, so this is a bug in master that will be promoted unless we fix it.