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Phabricator fails with a fatal PHP error if it receives a mail with no plain text part
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Send a mail to Phabricator with no plain text part (HTML only) and a PHP fatal error occurs.

    8f7983a5be3a56db5b79dc7c3a0eb470f1d7ca02 (Sat, Mar 25) (branched from b4effdf26c3e7d5de0d010cf14626c5d8d404e04 on origin) 
    60aaee0ed3f5a1e4384ac7d7f2efd2c64cecbe44 (Sat, Mar 25) (branched from d1db9a72b552151613a918e3d49fa72433387a68 on origin) 
    b133c277014868d476f08b4ebecde2ea795509e4 (Sat, Mar 25) (branched from c0bc116bedc895fd617799a13549f8707edfd3fb on origin)

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I can't reproduce this; it may have been fixed by D18776 + D18778.