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Herald rule for "Differential reviewers do not include" didn't fire when I expected it to
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I have a Herald rule setup to add me as an auditor for commits to a particular repository that I did not personally review. I noticed that I was not added to a commit which I had not reviewed. The Herald rule is setup as follows:

[all of] these conditions are met:

- [Author] [is not any of] [myself]
- [Committer] [is not any of] [myself]
- [Differential reviewers] [do not include] [myself]
- [Repository] [is any of] [some_repo]

The commit that didn't trigger the Herald rule had myself listed as a reviewer, but I did not actually review the revision. I guess that perhaps the Herald rule is working as expected, given that I am listed as a "Differential reviewier", but this isn't what I was expecting. I think that the behavior of my Herald rule has changed somewhere during the recent updates to Differential.


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I don't think this behavior has changed. This has always meant "reviewers", not "reviewers who accepted the revision".

Hmm ok. I think that I'm not usually listed explicitly as a reviewer, which means that Reviewers: #some_project_that_i_am_a_member_of doesn't include me. Would you be in favor of adding a new [Differential was reviewed by] field to Herald?