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Link-Parsing fails if URL ends in ) when using "[name](link)" syntax
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When a URL of a link ends in ) the Markdown parser fails to properly render it.

e.g. when trying to use the URL in a [Foo](Bar) style Markdown link, the resulting link will miss the closing ) and the 2nd ) which should actually end the Markdown element will be rendered after the link.

Example: Bug Killer

Event Timeline

Workaround is to URL-encode the parenthesis (%29) or use the remarkup style

[Back to the Future](
[[ | Jurassic Park ]]

Results in:
[Back to the Future](
Jurassic Park

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The intent isn't unambiguous in the general case, consider: Blah blah (see also [x](y)).

The CommonMark spec describes balancing rules:

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.31.39 AM.png (528×1 px, 80 KB)

GitHub seems to implement something similar. For example, it does not render See the page at [Open Parenthesis](wiki/open_parenthesis() for more details as a link.

Organically, I think this rule is actually "Wikipedia is the only site on the internet which uses parentheses in URLs, and parsers should implement behavior which gets most Wikipedia pages right."

I think we have to balance the parentheses as we parse the string to get the right result? Maybe I can fake it with very clever regular expressions.

GitHub behaves oddly on these inputs:

[x](x()   Not a link.
[x](x(y)  Not a link
[x](x( )  Link to `x(`? Huh?

D19111 doesn't fix this in the general case, but should produce the desired behavior for most inputs such that the input is in the form [x](y) and y is the URI of a Wikipedia article.

Notably, it does not make [x](y((()))) behave in a way that is similar to GitHub or CommonMark.

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I don't currently plan to change the remaining edge case behaviors since I'm not sure they ever occur in the wild.