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Bizarro Diffusion/Differential interaction causes stack trace on "Show Older Changes"
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I think this is a good reproducer, but y'all can grab the stack trace out of your logs. I figured you should be aware, since the error might be self-explainable enough to figure out quickly.

While looking back at D17304, I tried clicking on 'Show Older Changes', and got this popup:

pasted_file (796×1 px, 173 KB)

If I click it and make it go away, every time I try again it fails. But if I hit ctrl+r and reload, then it seems to work.

I actually just found out, this only seems to occur reliably if I visit D17304 from -- so:

  • Start off by visiting rPab923e0a752b9dc03a850be74d198832a5620373 (in a new tab)
  • Scroll down below the summary, and click on the link to the revision in the metadata box. To be clear, click this link:
    pasted_file (84×492 px, 18 KB)
  • When you land on the page for D17304, try clicking "Show Older Changes", and watch it explode.