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Drag-n-drop file upload is broken in HEAD
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Due to the new Homepage/UX overhaul, it seems that Drag-n-drop upload is broken. NOTE: This also includes direct copy-and-pasting into the browser (e.g. images).

Steps to reproduce: Try to drag-and-drop a file onto this instance (, and notice it doesn't work. Tried this on my own personal server, running HEAD, and notice it doesn't work. Confirmed on both Chrome 55 and Firefox Nightly, running on Windows, as well as Chrome/Firefox nightly on Linux.

With previous versions of Phabricator, this worked seamlessly, including on this instance. Note that Phacility has not seen this bug yet; my personal phacility instance (which claims it has a Phabricator version of 2604c5af55f654d36f8db2f080b96486c4572216 (Fri, Jan 27) (branched from 1be3ef02276812296c01e41122f19d6ea8077f81 on origin)) still works fine and I can drag-and-drop there perfectly. So this is just a silly regression from the past week, it seems.

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See T12174 -- this is an issue with the new embedded-on-Home dashboards.

Drag and drop on dashboards to upload files doesn't work (only on "magic home")

(A "workaround" is to not use dashboards, but we'll fix this soon.)

We need a neologism for "bad workaround".