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Adding a task from the workboard with a subproject tag is frozing the UI
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There's a bug in the workboard, I can reproduce that in a test instance in phacility as well as in our instance,

phabricator 1cd64f9975d66a5fff516cd064cd076b0eb7b07f (Dec 16 2016)
arcanist e17fe43ca3fe6dc6dd0b5ce056f56310ea1d3d51 (Oct 22 2016)
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How to reproduce:

  • Create a new Project test-main
  • Create a Subproject test-child
  • Go to test-main and create a workboard
  • From the backlog -> create task
    • set title: temp2 the tags already shows test-main
    • add tag: test-child
    • Click Create New Task
  • There's now a grayed out page, the task is not created

The expected behavior is to have the test-main tag removed in favor of test-child


Ref. T12147

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There's now a grayed out page

I can reproduce this, and it's definitely a bug (it also spews a JS error to the debugging console).

the task is not created

I can't reproduce this -- the task is created correctly for me. You can find it by navigating to the subproject's workboard or listing tasks in Maniphest.

(Note that when the UI bug ("greyed out page") is fixed, the task won't appear on the workboard, since it's now tagged with a subproject.)

I confirm that the task is indeed created with the subproject tag and visible in its workboard when created.

Then the expected behavior from my point of view is to be redirected to the subproject workboard, otherwhise it's very confusing to create a task and not seeing it.

The problem is the workboard is not necessarly created on the subproject.

D17242 should fix this, thanks for the report!

The problem is the workboard is not necessarily created on the subproject.

And the task doesn't necessarily appear on exactly one workboard: you can tag it with multiple subprojects, for example. Or remove the tag which puts it on the current workboard so that it's on no workboards.

There are a large class of similar issues where various edits can remove a card from a workboard and where the only page we could really send users to is probably the task detail page, which I think is also unintuitive/disruptive. I'd rather find a different approach, likely alongside eventual work on T4900 / T5474, for, e.g., showing a note like "Txxx is no longer visible on this workboard." that lets users chase the task if they want and makes the interaction less surprising, but keeps them on the workboard by default.

Thanks a lot, the user should know what he was doing anyway.