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PhabricatorProjectWorkboardProfileMenuItem::validateTransactions() when creating a new workboard
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I just upgraded to ab4355cde0f8913b9e12be345f813f5ba7e0e468 (on stable) and ran into an issue.

Here's how I'm able to reproduce it:

  • Create a new project
  • Try to create a new "New Empty Board" for the project

Instead of a new board, I get this error:


Call to undefined method PhabricatorProjectWorkboardProfileMenuItem::validateTransactions()


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I can repro on an instance upgraded at 20d1bb8fdf too. And indeed PhabricatorProjectWorkboardProfileMenuItem or PhabricatorProfileMenuItem classes don't contain a validateTransactions method.

Confirmed, we'll have a fix here shortly and probably cherry-pick to stable.

I pushed this out to master and @epriestley will probably cherry-pick it to stable today.

Ok I cherry-picked it, way easier than I expected.

Awesome guys. I can confirm that this resolved the issue.