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Manually Closing Revisions not possible in Audit
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It is not possible to manually close a revision in Audit. This option is missing in the dropdown with possible actions. Therefore, if a concern is raised; no one except this auditor can close the audit.

Steps to reproduce: Raise a concern as user A. Then login as user B and try to close this concern.
Version: the latest master version

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if a concern is raised; no one except this auditor can close the audit.

This is how Audit always has worked, I believe. Can you be more clear on the exact versions and steps to reproduce so we can better understand what you are seeing. See Contributing Bug Reports for what we require on a bug report.

This did actually change in connection with T10978, but only if audit.can-author-close-audit is configured. I plan to resolve T2393 (maybe today?) and hopefully get rid of "Close" and this option entirely. I'm just going to merge this there.

(This change was half-accidental, and then I just figured I'd roll it into T2393 when I realized I'd made it.)

  • Chad, lets say I would rise a concern on your commit and I would never come back to Phabricator's website. You cannot mark your revision as closed. You need to remove me as an auditor and accept your commit (what is little bit complicated). What's more, there's no functionality to help me to follow this concern. When you commit a fix, how can you let me know about this fix?
  • Epriestley, T2393 would fix the second issue, that would be great to have it today:-)!

@Ondrej I was mostly trying to understand if you were seeing a regression, a mis-understanding of how Audit currently works, or missing some setting we should be trying against a default install. There were a number of variables still open based on your explanation to me at least, sounds like @epriestley has plans forward here though already.