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Cannot unset Build Plan Step's "Wait For Message" option
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When creating or modifying a Build Plan Step, saving the Step with When Complete set to Wait For Message, this setting will persist regardless of changing it back to Continue Build Normally.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a new Build Plan Step, or edit an existing one.
  2. Set When Complete to Wait for Message.
  3. Save the Build Plan Step.
  4. Edit the Step again, and set When Complete to Continue Build Normally.
  5. Save the Step.
  6. Observe that When Complete still shows as Wait for Message.
Version Information
phabricator a96f9491bbb98f9d7f9fa343cd33d7d78e79933a (Wed, Nov 16) 
arcanist 8de281a32d5a1dd1c3dad506150eca6be941f7e3 (Wed, Nov 9) 
phutil 1bc8b0ff42bc16453d0c5f48360cb78a15cb3eba (Mon, Nov 14)

Event Timeline

None of your versions exist here, meaning you have some local changes which might cause this.; Can you reporoduce this on Phacility?

Actually, I can reproduce this at HEAD using a HTTP request step.

I suspect this might be because the value for "Continue" is an empty string here:$27 ; At least, changing that value to be non-empty seems to solve this.

This appears the be the only Select type custom field we have.

The long-term fix is putting this stuff on EditEngine (some discussion in T11887) but this should be fixable in the short term.