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Bot email addresses can't be edited
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When you create a bot from the web UI you can set an email address, but there's no way to change a bot's email address (either from the web UI, or from the CLI).

This normally doesn't matter since bots don't receive mail, but can matter when associating commits with users accounts.

I believe there's no technical reason that we can't let bot email addresses be edited from the web UI. If there is, a CLI tool would be sufficient but Phacility cluster users should maybe have some way to make the edit as well (although this is rare enough that "email support" might be fine).

PHI1337 would essentially like a way to give a bot to a user or group of users so they can manage it.

PHI1976 requested an email change because of an email address collision (personal address used by a bot).

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I understand bot users don't get email but I totally mis-typed one and I realized it "too late" and would love to be able to change it even if it doesn't really matter

Another variation of this is that "Mailing List" users' addresses also can't be edited from the web UI.

In D20927, I implemented a policy rule like this:

  1. Normal addresses are visible to/editable by the associated users.
  2. Bot/list addresses are visible to/editable by administrators.

Rule (2) may need to be extended to let bots see their own email addresses (e.g., so they can make API calls that return their own information?). Today, email addresses are loaded ad-hoc almost everywhere so this policy doesn't actually impact any behavior (except bin/remove destroy), but as this gets cleaned up there may need to be some adjustments to the actual policies as implemented.