Diffs/Patches should optionally not be generated for generated files until the item is expanded.
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We keep hex files in our observed SVN repository which are not recognized as binary despite being marked as such with SVN attributes. This results in Diffusion/Audit taking a long time to generate a diff for these files whenever viewing a commit in which the project was rebuilt.

These files are tagged as generated using the regex feature and thus not expanded. It would be nice if the diff would only be generated when a user expanded the folded item.

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Which interaction exactly is taking a long time?

AFAIK, each file in a commit view is loaded with AJAX, so nothing should be slowing you down...

This is sort-of-maybe related to T11482 but I'm also not exactly sure what's step in the process is slow here.

It's true that they're loaded in parallel using AJAX but there are enough generated files that it's tying up the server's CPU. And the generated files seem to end up first in the queue.

To answer @avivey's question more directly, it takes a long time for the yellow Loading... bars to expand to the diff for files I'm interested in because the server is spending all it's CPU time generating diffs of generated files that appear first on the page.

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This is vague and may not actually identify a problem; I don't plan to pursue it.