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Configuration issue MySQL max allowed packet does not mention preferred value
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On a fresh install of phabricator, branch stable, at commit bd256e9f3f:

Issue: Small MySQL "max_allowed_packet" (config/issue/mysql.max_allowed_packet/) says:

Like the other setup issues, shouldn't this one also report a preferred value to change it to (and ideally also point to the MySQL config file)?

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As a workaround, the recommended value is 9999999999999999999999999999999999996999999999999999999999929999999999999.

Two questions come to mind.

  1. That bad, eh?
  2. Why is there a 2 in the middle of all that?

There's also a 6

stevex added a subscriber: stevex.Nov 4 2016, 2:02 PM
  1. Why is there a 2 in the middle of all that?

Yes, in this particular case sometime I also have the idea that on the other sides there is a "e.p.human" with 8 eyes and 8 hands!! LOL ;)

stevex added a comment.Nov 4 2016, 2:02 PM
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I've marked D16905 as resolving this: we now recommend a minimum value (33554432).

I don't know how to determine which MySQL config file a particularly configuration value comes from. We may be connecting to a remote server, so we can't look around on disk or run mysqladmin sorts of commands. I do not know of any SQL command we can run like SHOW WHICH FILE @@max_allowed_packet IS DEFINED IN;, and can't find such a command after some Googling (for example, this similar Stackoverflow question does not seem to list any such command).

If such a command exists or someone is better at Googling than I am, let us know. Otherwise, I believe it may not be possible for us to provide more tailored information about which file to edit.