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Herald editing view show unknown error
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  1. create a new herald script
  2. Save it
  3. Open the view and check the picture that is attached to this bug.

it shows:" Unknow object",

There should be the platform that I chosen, in my case API Services. But its not seen.

HERALD unknow object.png (855×2 px, 111 KB)

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Where is "Platform--MUST-->" coming from? That isn't a field we provide in the upstream.

We have defined that one. It is like our teams with the company. When new bug is created for example maps team, herald automatically sets the right person/team for the bug.

That herald script is working, but only problem is that it does not show the team that should be written in that text box. Only that "unknown error???"

Is this reproducible using fields available in the upstream? How can I reproduce this issue against a clean, vanilla, up-to-date copy of Phabricator with no custom code?

I tried with fields available in the upstream, so it can not be reproduced with vanilla up-to-date- copy.

This isn't a bug in Phabricator, then. Please review Contributing Bug Reports and Support Resources carefully for details on what we provide support with.

If you need help with custom development, it's available at $1,500/hr: see Consulting.