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Re-enable direct messaging in Conpherence
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This I think got removed somewhere around v2, but I use these features all the time on other services (Slack, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and we have no equivalent. I think you can maybe do something like this today with locking down a Policy on a room, it's cumbersome and not super user friendly like other services.

As a baseline example, the designer Slack chat I'm in sends about 10k messages a week with 30-50% of them direct user to user.

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At least personally, I don't think this is weird -- I think of it like sending email.

On this install, I have several cases where the same individual and I are in multiple different private conversations with different subjects/discussions, just like they'd sent me several different emails (or vice versa). In my own use case, at least, I wouldn't want these threads to be merged.

I'm with @epriestley on this - on our install I too have multiple discussions with same individuals, discussing different topics :) It keeps things clear.

(We don't need to require a room name, and I think that's only a skin-deep UI requirement and not actually enforced lower down in the code.)

You can still create limitless rooms with titles with 1 other participant. I just want a means of messaging one person in a persistent place without a room title. It's definitely a bit cumbersome to just send 1 person a quick note.

Maybe also consider some sort of unique room name?

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