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'View Options' in Differential reviews is badly aligned on narrow mobile screens
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Problem: I log into Phabricator from my Mobile phone, and click on any differential revision (e.g. D16264). Next, move down to the diff of any file, and click on 'View Options'. Because View Options appears on the left side of the mobile page, and the panel from the dropdown is 'right aligned'(?), the panel is cut off:

pasted_file (646×363 px, 93 KB)

I was also able to easily reproduce this in Firefox's Responsive Design mode:

pasted_file (699×415 px, 45 KB)

That's at 360x640. That behavior remains consistent until exactly 480x640. At 481x640, the wrapping stops and 'View Options' appears in the right place again:

pasted_file (698×525 px, 55 KB)

In Desktop Differential, because of the layout, 'View Options' is instead put on the right side of the page, so the right alignment for the panel is in fact the right thing to do:

pasted_file (382×650 px, 45 KB)

Browser: Chrome and Safari on iOS 9.3.2.