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Type-ahead should sort results already present to the bottom of the list, like disabled users
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I'm adding a few similarly-named tags to a task; having added the first, I then start typing for the second tag but have to type more than I would need to limit the field to five tags that include the one I now want. For the third it involves still more typing.

What I'd like to happen: When writing into a multi-input box (in this case, tags for a task), the type-ahead suggested results filters out ones present in the box so I have fewer from which to choose more quickly.

Note that this is also present even more irritatingly (but in a less frequent workflow) when trying to use Maniphest's advanced search for e.g. tasks closed in the past month but not in either of the two relevant sprints, as the triple-meta-tag suggestions (X, In any X, Not in X) mean the sixth option (not Y) isn't present; though we can extend the list to e.g. ten, it just means that the meta-tags for the fourth sprint are absent instead.

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(Low priority IMO.)

This creates a problem for absent-minded or new users:

  • You type a result you are absolutely sure exists.
  • It does not appear.
  • You file an issue upstream about how Phabricator is completely broken and has ruined your life forever. I believe we used to have the behavior you describe and have such an issue somewhere down in the low T1xx's, although maybe I'm conflating this with the old behavior we had for disabled users (which had the same set of problems).

However, we could sort already-present results to the bottom of the list and mark them as already-present.

epriestley renamed this task from Type-ahead should filter out results already present in the box to Type-ahead should sort results already present to the bottom of the list, like disabled users.Jun 8 2016, 2:48 PM
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epriestley added a project: Typeahead.

Yeah; I have a few times implemented a type-ahead system in the past where the already-present options are shown at the bottom to allow better accessibility for moving tags around in the list (e.g. for people that can't drag things), so that might be a better solution anyway.

Somewhat related to type-ahead:

Is there a task open that will move archived projects to the end of the type-ahead list?

The other day I noticed that some of my archived projects were showing up before my active ones, and it'd be great to have those further down the lists so users don't accidentally use them.

Can you file a new bug with reproduction instructions? That isn't expected.