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Move Aphlict server configuration to a separate configuration file
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Aphlict currently has five options which are only useful to the server (log, pidfile, ssl-cert, ssl-key) and should have two additional options (client-port, server-port) that we currently try to infer from client-uri and server-uri, sometimes unsuccessfully.

The set of options for configuring Aphlict is likely to grow in the future (e.g., log verbosity, cluster configuration, address binding). I think there is no value in retaining these in Phabricator configuration and plan to move them to a dedicated Aphlict configuration file.

I think this will make Aphlict easier to configure on the balance (client and server configuration will be more clearly separated and less intertwined) and Phabricator easier to configure (the user will be presented with fewer options).

Part of this change will separate listening ports explicitly, which should resolve difficulty users currently experience when running Aphlict via nginx so the client port and client-listening-port differ.

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Per T9293, client-uri and server-uri should be split into client-port, client-host, admin-port and admin-host.

Per T6915, I'm likely to split the Phabricator side config into a list of services. If you run multiple servers, you list all of them and Phabricator can survive the loss of some subset gracefully. This should be easier for everyone to configure, too.


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