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Notifications UI stuck in "Setting Up Client" after configuring websockets & aphlic
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Hi Phabricator deities-- I've been struggling with this all night and could use a pointer.

I believe I've configured everything correctly, but the web app doesn't want to actually connect to the WS server (running on the default ports). It's just stuck in this UI state.

pasted_file (78×403 px, 9 KB)

Any advise on how to debug this or look into it further? If I cURL the WS endpoint, it correctly returns HTTP/501 Use Websockets.

Thanks! :)

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i have same problem, the notification server is working and it logs notifications like on new message in Conpherence app, but nothing get's updated in notifications ui and it also just says "Setting Up Client".

ok figured it out the problem for me was because of this bug T9293

@ablekh i just added a "fastcgi_param HTTPS on;" in nginx config for phabricator

@nnnn20430: I see, thank you for clarification. I will give that a try.

@ablekh : Were you able to solve this issue in the end? We're experiencing the same problem and are not using any proxy server.

@chr86: Yes, I was able to solve this a while ago. If I remember correctly, I have just used the following instructions and, perhaps, restarted the server once or twice: Hope this helps. I think I wrote down the solution steps, but couldn't find that document at the moment (maybe I didn't write anything down) - please let me know, if you are successful in that.

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This report doesn't have reproduction instructions (see Providing Reproduction Steps) and is likely obsoleted by T10697.