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Allow tasks to be auto-attached to diff review where task reference is after a prefix with format "feature/T2-featureName"
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Problem Description: We are using a git flow workflow with Phabricator. We like the idea of prefixing all branches with either feature/ or hotfix/ or release/. However, (unless I did something wrong) if I don't start the branch with the task and leave off the prefix, my reviews aren't automatically associated.

Current Solution: Of course for now I have the decision with manually linking it and keeping my naming convention, or removing the prefix and letting the association happen.

I'm honestly a little surprised this hasn't come up before as I imagine there are a good amount of people using a gitflow/phabricator combo. Again, maybe I am missing something and it is there.

I am also open to suggestions (if any) why the feature/ hotfix/ release/ prefixes are not needed/used in typical phabricator workflows