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Diffusion history doesn't update
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I have a 3 year old installation running on AWS where everything works. The repository is Mercurial hosted on Bitbucket.

However, after the first year, the Diffusion history (/diffusion/D/history/) failed to update and shows a now two-year old commit on top. Though /diffusion/ does get updated and shows the latest commit and commit count.

I've updated Phabricator every few months including just now (to 5295c6ba1e6176fe39cb4f2882776e1f13841cb3).

What could be the issue?

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adityar7 created this task.Feb 28 2016, 2:23 PM
chad added a subscriber: chad.Feb 28 2016, 3:15 PM

See Contributing Bug Reports for what we look for in a bug report. Specifically we need steps to reproduce the issue. If you're not sure if its a bug or other issue, and don't have steps to reproduce, please use the other Community Resources available for help.

I did look at the page.

Unfortunately, this bug is reproducible on my installation by simply visiting the Diffusion URL, there are no other steps.

Given that this is highly likely a real bug in either the daemon responsible for updating the page or the schema, I doubt if the Community Resources will be able to address it, but I can use that if you think confirm.

I have never touched the schema manually either, it has always been the migrations when updating.

epriestley closed this task as Invalid.Feb 29 2016, 12:54 PM
epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

Unfortunately, this bug is reproducible on my installation by simply visiting the Diffusion URL, there are no other steps.

If we can't reproduce this bug, we can't fix it. See Contributing Bug Reports for details.

@adityar7 Were you ever able to resolve this? I'm seeing the same behavior on my installation, which we recently transplanted to a new server and converted its ancient file://-based repositories to hosted. My suspicion is that there's something not quite right with user permissions on the system, but /var/tmp/phd/log/daemons.log doesn't have anything useful.

@rfreebern Nope, no clue how to debug it. We just don't use Diffusion any more and instead use the Bitbucket page, whose UI we anyway prefer to see commits and browse the code :/

That's too bad. I've done some testing and realized that the repositories that are exhibiting this behavior are non-bare, and one older repository that is bare is fully up-to-date in Diffusion's UI. (All are git repositories.)

Possibly related: including text like "Fixes T####" in the diff summary no longer automatically closes the task when the diff is landed for the non-bare repos.