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Create UI for visual (drag and drop) rearranging of task hierarchy
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Feature Request / Suggestion: It seems that a functionality and UI for the following would be quite useful: allow a user to visually (drag and drop) rearrange task hierarchy (at least, with a single project, but, perhaps, across projects as well).

Use case / Rationale: currently, in order to convert a 1st level subtask to 2nd level subtask (of the current task or another one), a user has to delete the task in question, navigate to desired task (in this case, a subtask) and create a corresponding subtask there. When applying to significantly large task hierarchies, this process becomes very cumbersome and inefficient.

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ablekh renamed this task from Create UI for visual (drag and drop) rearranging task hierarchy to Create UI for visual (drag and drop) rearranging of task hierarchy.Feb 19 2016, 7:36 AM
ablekh created this task.

There's some context and discussion in T4207. Briefly, task dependencies are currently a directed acyclic graph, not a tree, and DAGs don't lend themselves well to visualization or drag-and-drop editing.

I think it's vanishingly unlikely that we'll write a visual DAG editor.

We may write a visual tree editor, as we have some other possible use cases, but this is likely some ways away and will be motivated primarily by use cases elsewhere (for example, in Phriction or Files).

I'm not decided about where to go with T4207. See also the more general version of that task in T10034.

@epriestley Thank you for clarifications and links. By the way, does current version of Phabricator support arbitrary depth for wiki pages hierarchy? Could you refer me to the relevant information? Thank you in advance.