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No queries available on Dashboard exception.
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  • Pick a dashboard, go to "Manage Dashboard".
  • Create Panel -> Query Panel
  • Assign any name, pick any query -> Create Panel.
  • Either edit the recently created panel, or try to add a new one
  • Query dropdown only shows "none" as an option. Previous options are non existant.
  • Confirming will result in the panel showing "Exception: Query "" is unknown to application search engine "PhabricatorPeopleLogSearchEngine"!


b3dd0fd860380854a25ec8c6f24a23dc6b0a7837 (Sat, Feb 6)


0553cb8d411817bcc40bd484ed8e209f4b870ff7 (Fri, Jan 29)


9c472e7c9b64395424c6cd25734bf239cb3c113d (Sat, Jan 23)

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I can't repro on any of these steps. Can you give us more specific details maybe that we're missing. Sounds like Javascript didn't fire or something for you. Can you reproduce on this install?

Ok, checking Firefox's error console and I get
Error: JX.initBehavior(map): behavior(s) not registered: dashboard-query-panel-select
Expanded to reveal:

JX.$E()                                              core.pkg.js:2
JX.initBehaviors()                                   core.pkg.js:178
.members._handleResponse/when_complete<()            core.pkg.js:235
.statics._complete()                                 core.pkg.js:193
.statics._loadJS/load_callback()                     core.pkg.js:184

Can't reproduce on this install, though.

This generally points to something environmental on your install. Did you restart the webserver / apache after upgrading? Any proxies or other resource caching going on like cloudflare?

No cloudflare or caching.
Did restart the server after upgrade.
Issue began to happen following upgrade + restart on Saturday 30th January.

Is there any data I should be pulling to help diagnose?

EDIT: january, not november

I don't have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this, since it's most likely to be between the webserver and your browser and I've never run into it personally.

Phabricator uses "Celerity" to manage packaging. If we change any CSS/JS/Image, we run bin/celerity map to generate a new static package. When you update Phabricator, in most cases you also get a new package (with a unique hash). This prevents caching of old resources and causing issues.

Maybe an app like Charles could help debug further?

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

It seems like this isn't reproducible in other environments. Feel free to file a new report if you are able to uncover more information in the future.