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Differential email headers seem to be missing
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User Guide: Managing Phabricator Email lists several headers that are supposed to be attached to Differential mail:

  • X-Differential-Author
  • X-Differential-Reviewer
  • X-Differential-Reviewers
  • X-Differential-CC
  • X-Differential-CCs
  • X-Differential-Explicit-CC
  • X-Differential-Explicit-CCs

In practice, however, I don't see these headers attached to Differential mail I receive from my team's Phabricator installation. (The other headers listed in the user guide are attached.)

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D19030 marks this as fixed: it removes this documentation.

The new Mail Stamps header and related features should provide similar client routing capabilities shortly, see T13053 / T10448, or wait for the upcoming changelog for a more concise description.