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Adding a owner package to an audit when package auditing is disable leads to a "not applicable" commit review
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In order to enable specific audit, we created packages and disabled auditing. Indeed, the owner audit feature is not enough specific (ie when working with an upstream project, we don't want to review upstream commits) to trigger only certain commits.

So in order to review only specific commits in our repository, we created an herald rule acting on commits with the following:


Author exists
Affected package is all of <owner_package>


Add auditors <owner_package>

Now when a commit is pushed to the repository, a review is triggered by herald (see transcript)

But it is not applicable

Note that the commit author is also in the owner package.

Is this the expected behavior since auditing is disabled ? If so, what is the proper way to trigger such specific audit ?


  1. Create a owner package with at least two members
  2. Disable auditing FOR THIS PACKAGE
  3. Add a repo path to this package
  4. Add an herald rule to add this package as auditor when a commit which affect this packages is pushed
  5. Push a commit to the repository
  6. See that no action is triggered.