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Unable to unignore config issues
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I currently have config.ignore-issues set to:

  "mysql.ft_boolean_syntax": true,
  "mysql.ft_stopword_file": true,
  "": true,
  "conduit.deprecated.diffusion.getcommits": true,
  "conduit.deprecated.differential.getdiff": true,
  "conduit.deprecated.arcanist.projectinfo": true

I don't actually need a bunch of these anymore and wanted to unignore some of the previously-ignored setup issues. I cannot, however, figure out how to do so. If I go to /config/issue/conduit.deprecated.diffusion.getcommits/ then it says "Issue Resolved" and there is no action item anywhere.

If I attempt to modify the value from the CLI then I cannot do so because it is locked:

josh@ip-10-158-132-161:~$ /usr/src/phabricator/bin/config set --database config.ignore-issues '{"": true}'
Usage Exception: Config key 'config.ignore-issues' is locked and can only be set in local configuration.

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We should probably provide a way to do this, but a workaround today is:

  • Break your install so the issue triggers.
  • Unignore it.
  • Fix your install.

(That's not possible for all issues, like the conduit.deprecated.* issues, since those no longer fire.)

Another workaround is directly editing the Phabricator database (e.g. with phpMyAdmin).

I upgraded MySQL and wanted to unignore the mysql.utf8mb4 issue. Changed column value of table config_entry in database phabricator_config from



eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Aug 5 2016, 5:05 PM