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What is the purpose of staging area
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Asked by tycho.tatitscheff on Aug 20 2015, 4:44 PM.


In diffusion parameter, there is a field called Staging Area.
I also remark a message like this one when diff-ing :

SKIP STAGING No staging area is configured for this repository.

What are the purpose of this staging area ? Is it related to Facebook sandcastle and useless for peculiar ?
Please, give me some valid use case !


Updated 1,928 Days Ago

The staging area is intended to be a mechanism to do change handoff to Harbormaster (or through Harbormaster to an external build server like Jenkins). Basically a tag X is pushed to Y and then you point your build server at Y:X. It is most likely to be useful when Diffusion is a mirror and not the canonical upstream.

As of this writing the staging area is still a fairly new and not fully fleshed out. See T8090 & T8238 for more details.

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