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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Sep 16 2011, 3:47 AM (540 w, 3 d)

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Jul 14 2016

bd808 added a comment to T4788: Allow "Edit Dependencies" both ways (blocking and depending).

so the UI should still look good given that edge-case.

Understanding the use case is important in choosing how the UI degrades.

Jul 14 2016, 12:29 AM · Prioritized, FreeBSD, User Delight, Wikimedia, Maniphest

Oct 22 2014

bd808 awarded T5793: Add support for personal workboards a Like token.
Oct 22 2014, 11:24 PM · User Delight, Wikimedia, Workboards

Oct 3 2014

bd808 added a comment to T5296: Allow user-defined date format.

Even Randal Monroe agrees that ISO 8601 is the one true date format --

Oct 3 2014, 3:29 PM · Calendar, User Delight, User Preferences