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Best practice for Audit
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Asked by taoqiping on Sep 11 2014, 4:47 AM.


Not sure where it is active here, here I want to search for a best practice for Audit.
because we have dynamic/developer repository, and arc seems a little hard to enforce into team at first beginning, So I want to enforce audit as code review process in team.

but because audit is by commit;
If reviewer add some comments, and raise concern to author, then author fix comments and check-in again. but then the check-in will be another audit request and even with no relation with previous one. how can we make it behave like arc diff, to check check-in in one series, and with full context in audit.

what is best practice here, any suggestion is appreciated.


Updated 1,986 Days Ago

We've mostly converted to differential, but still wind up doing post-commit for some things.

I usually just comment on the first audit with the revision of the second to link them.

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