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How to change order of milestones in project's workboard?

Asked by robin.luo on Mar 29 2017, 9:01 AM.
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Mar 29 2017, 9:01 AM


Hi Guys,

I saw that "T10412: Change Milestone sort options" has mentioned that all milestone will be order by newest (newest left, oldest right), but what I'm saw in my project is, it's still keep old style (oldest left, and newest right).

I couldn't found where I can change that, can anyone share me how to config it in Phabricator? Thanks a lot!
I checked database, the number of field "milestoneNumber" is correct (e.g. m1 is 1, m2 is 2, m3 is 3, etc.).

My PB version as below:
phabricator b4effdf26c3e7d5de0d010cf14626c5d8d404e04 (Sat, Mar 25)
arcanist d1db9a72b552151613a918e3d49fa72433387a68 (Sat, Mar 25)
phutil c0bc116bedc895fd617799a13549f8707edfd3fb (Sat, Mar 25)

The screenshot as below:

q1.png (582×1 px, 15 KB)