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Allow filtering of "date" custom fields

Authored by epriestley on Mar 23 2014, 6:36 AM.



Ref T4663. Ref T4659. Allows "date" fields to be filtered with range parameters.

Test Plan
  • Added a custom "date" field with "search".
  • Populated some values.
  • Searched for dates using new range filters.
  • Combined date search with other searches.
  • Ran other searches independently.
  • Inspected the generated queries.

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Does this also implicitly enable sorting?

No, this is filtering only.

Okay. I'll try patching it in the next day or two, if it isn't landed by then.

After patching this and attempting to run a query against my custom "due date" field, I got this error:

Argument 2 passed to PhabricatorTime::parseLocalTime() must be an instance of PhabricatorUser, null given, called in /Checkout/facebook/phabricator/src/infrastructure/customfield/standard/PhabricatorStandardCustomFieldDate.php on line 116 and defined

For reference, my query attempted to use "Before Due Date" with a value of "4-1-2014".

It appears as if I was not logged in while running the query, but I was definitely logged in (my instance does not allow anonymous access).

Oh -- apply D8595 first.

Attempting to patch on top of D8595 gives me an empty commit error. Not sure what is going on there...

Doh, forgot that adding dependencies to diffs automatically handles the diffs. Patch works fine now, but the filters don't appear to work:

Nevermind, it looks like that is just crappy parsing of the date by the filter... If I use a more verbose date, it works properly:

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 25 2014, 8:09 PM
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Closed by commit rP8e8818783599 (authored by @epriestley).

Is that search/group by custom fields works in latest release from this week?
I'm in need of that but can't see any custom field (added in Maniphest) in search query task interface.
Thanks for answers