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Improve consistency in use of "via", "objectPHID", and "containerPHID" parameters in repository workers

Authored by epriestley on Feb 1 2021, 7:44 PM.



Ref T13591. Improve how parameters are passed between commit worker tasks:

  • Always pass "via", to track where tasks came from.
  • Always provide "objectPHID" (with the commit PHID).
  • Always provide "containerPHID" (with the repository PHID).
Test Plan
  • Pushed a new commit.
  • Ran bin/repository pull + bin/repository discover, saw commit with all parameters.
  • Ran bin/worker execute ..., saw a Change worker and then a Publish worker with appropriate parameters.
  • Ran bin/repository reparse ... --background, saw workers queue with appropriate parameters.

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Build 34585: Run Core Tests
Build 34584: arc lint + arc unit

Unit TestsFailed

38 msPhabricatorChangeParserTestCase::testSubversionForeignStubsParser
EXCEPTION (CommandException): Command failed with error #127! COMMAND svn --non-interactive info --xml file:///var/folders/72/x4dt4z152d79y3wf2khgbgtr0000gn/T/4uxd10u9v8kkwgk0
34 msPhabricatorChangeParserTestCase::testSubversionParser
EXCEPTION (CommandException): Command failed with error #127! COMMAND svn --non-interactive info --xml file:///var/folders/72/x4dt4z152d79y3wf2khgbgtr0000gn/T/7pzm2sy9zu8sk4ow
28 msPhabricatorChangeParserTestCase::testSubversionPartialParser
EXCEPTION (CommandException): Command failed with error #127! COMMAND svn --non-interactive info --xml file:///var/folders/72/x4dt4z152d79y3wf2khgbgtr0000gn/T/2xw0h2buthkwwok8
30 msPhabricatorChangeParserTestCase::testSubversionValidRootParser
Assertion failed, expected 'false' (at PhabricatorChangeParserTestCase.php:1079): Natural SVN root should work properly. ACTUAL VALUE
0 msAlmanacNamesTestCase::testServiceOrDeviceNames
30 assertions passed.
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