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When a user clicks a navigation link in a dialog, close the dialog
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Authored by epriestley on Thu, Jun 6, 1:50 AM.



Ref T13302. Currently, if you enable Quicksand (by clicking "Persistent Chat"), open a dialog with links in it (like "Create Subtask" with multiple available subtypes), and then follow a navigation link, the page content reloads behind the dialog but the dialog stays in the foreground.

Fix this by closing dialogs when users click navigation links inside them.

Test Plan

With Quicksand enabled and disabled, clicked a subtask type in the "Create Subtask" dialog.

  • Before, Quicksand Disabled: Dialog stays on screen, then navigation occurs.
  • After, Quicksand Disabled: Dialog vanishes, then navigation occurs.
  • Before, Quicksand Enabled: Dialog stays on screen, navigation occurs behind it.
  • After, Quicksand Enabled: Dialog vanishes, then navigation occurs.

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