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When users mark their own inline comments as "Done", suppress the timeline/mail stories

Authored by epriestley on Dec 10 2018, 7:07 PM.



Depends on D19858. Ref T13222. See PHI995. In D19635 and related revisions, inline behavior changed to allow you to pre-mark your own inlines as done (as a reviewer) and to pre-mark your inlines for you (as an author).

These actions generate low-value stories in the timeline, like "alice marked 3 comments done." when an author adds some notes to their own revision. These aren't helpful and can be a little misleading.

Instead, just don't count it when someone marks their own inlines as "done". If we throw away all the marks after throwing away the self-marks, hide the whole story.

This happens in three cases:

  1. You comment on your own revision, and don't uncheck the "Done" checkbox.
  2. You comment on someone else's revision, and check the "Done" checkbox before submitting.
  3. You leave a not-"Done" inline on your own revision, then "Done" it later.

Cases (1) and (2) seem unambiguously good/clear. Case (3) is a little more questionable, but I think this still isn't very useful for reviewers.

If there's still a clarity issue around case (3), we could change the story text to "alice marked 3 inline comments by other users as done.", but I think this is probably needlessly verbose and that no one will be confused by the behavior as written here.

(Also note that this story is never shown in feed.)

Test Plan

Created and marked a bunch of inlines as "Done" in Differential and Diffusion, as the author and reviewer/auditor. My own marks didn't generate timeline stories; marking others' comments still does.

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